Going with the flow


Going with the flow.  Be careful when you’re doing this.  Individually, we can end up passing up opportunities, friendships even relationships.  I’ve always been kind of the odd duck in the crowd just because I’ve always tried to blaze my own trail. Sometimes, going against the grain isn’t the easiest thing to do.  I could list example after example of instances where I’ve lost because I wasn’t willing to go with the flow.  Mostly friendships, but I’ve been on a dirt road a lot of my life and as I look back now ?  I can see where my roads could have easily been paved and it could still be paved, but I wouldn’t change it.

Going against the current is what drives me.  I suspect that if you look at anything that you’ve done in your life it’s much same.  You’ve gotten stronger because of it.  The current will force you to get stronger . . . if you stay in it! The end result? You change for the better because YOU followed your heart.  Resistance takes drive, it takes dedication, it takes stamina . . . and most importantly it takes Faith.  If you’re too afraid to step out?  Who’s controlling your life? I see husbands, boyfriends . . . even family members holding people back all the time.  I am sure you see it, too.. Someone says that person is no good; that person is a fool! The person hears it and starts to believe it.  Then, does one of two things? Gets out of the current becomes stagnant and goes nowhere.  Or?   Lets go completely and lets the current carry them . . . “going with the flow.”

If something has been on your mind lately . . . step out . . . get in the water, swim.  It could be the best decision that you ever made..


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  1. dray0308 says:

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  2. Talk about relating to being the odd duck in the crowd. I seemed to always stand out in my younger less flattering years. Then life changed and I just became this self-centered individual that refused to go with the flow. Talk about messing up friendships and relationships. Oh how nice to have met Christ in my early 20’s. Life certainly changed for the better. I was able to lay down my need to control where we went and what we listened to etc. It’s been so refreshing to experience new adventures with various people. Speaking of stepping out in faith, this whole blogging thing is new to me. As an accountant, this is a nice step out in faith for me.

    Blessings on your writing

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve met some great folks on here already.


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