We are all the same

This world is driven by looks and money.  It stares you right in the face.  It’s just nuts.   Everyone knows what’s on the inside is what really matters, but few seem to care.. “How far can I get ahead with MY time today?” Me. Mine. Mine.  There is so much greed out there.  People take, take, take.  Using people and their time.  It’s sickening.  The thing is, it will catch up to people.  That’s not my point.  People are out there just wasting their lives.  Running around trying to impress people.  Drinking gets you nowhere.  It doesn’t.  Having the biggest house or most expensive car gets you nowhere.  It doesn’t!  If you’re trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing and ignoring people that are true blessings in your life I can promise you this?  You will feel empty your entire life.  And at the end of your life?  You’re going to have a whole lot of regret.  When I worked for the state, I worked with a lady who is in her late 50’s and I am going to tell you something?  She had the best relationship with her husband.  Those two respected each other.  They were there for each other.  They helped each other every single day to make the other ones life easier.  Isn’t that what we are here for?  I think it is.  We have got things so twisted and backwards anymore it’s scary!  This lady’s husband did a lot of traveling for his job and she once told me that every night at a certain time they would both go outside or to a window and look up at the moon and say good night to each other.  They have been married years and years! Thirty some! They don’t let the world get between them.  They have built a bubble around their relationship and don’t allow anything toxic in it.  They don’t let the greed of the world in.  I was over to their place once on a Saturday afternoon and the respect they had for each other?  Please.  Thank you.  Lunch was great.  Let me help you with that.  There is no magic to making a relationship last.  There is no magic to making your life great.  It’s found in your every day tasks.  Your everyday conversations.  Real people?  You can recognize them easily.  They’re the ones that care about you and what’s happening in your life.  They’re the ones that care about your exam coming up.  They’re the ones that send you the text randomly just to tell you to have a good day.  We are making this life too hard! Get back to the basics!  It’s that simple.  It’s time we each start taking back control of our lives.  Improving our families, our friendships,  our towns, states and this country.  It all starts with us as individuals.  As we go into this holiday season, don’t forget about those less fortunate than you.  Help where you can and when you can.  Sometimes that’s just being a listening ear.  We are all the same out there, don’t forget that.


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  1. Really great post. Your words are very inspiring. Thanks for posting

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    1. God works through His people. Never forget that.

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      1. You’re sure right. thanks a lot


  2. These words really spoke to me, i must say,” There is no magic to making your life great.. It’s found in your every day tasks.. Your everyday conversations.. Real people? You can recognize them easily…”

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  3. Miriam says:

    Your words are so true and resonated on a deep level with me.Thank you.


    1. MrBigelow says:

      What’s your email?

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      1. MrBigelow says:

        I can’t seem to find it lol

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